Channel Consultancy - Distributor and Reseller Partner Recruitment 

Appointing best-of-breed distributor(s) and recruiting a reseller community to embrace specific verticals are critical to success in the UK

Profiling, selecting, engaging and motivating the most appropriate channel will be a critical success factor in your strategy to capture the UK Digital and IT markets. What does your optimal channel strategy look like?


  • Do you need niche specialist partners with an acute focus on one technology or market?

  • Do you need resellers that have a bias towards cloud, software or hardware solutions?

  • Do you need a broad-line reseller or Systems Integrator with a large existing customer base?

  • Do you need a partner with specific offerings in managed services?


In our experience, every vendor needs a subtly different channel strategy, and those channel partners all have a very particular process of finding and on-boarding new vendors.  But what is consistent for both is that PowerIT already has access to the perfect channel for most vendors with UK growth ambitions.


  • Our strong, long, and proven trading relationship with a diverse network of UK channel partners means we can establish your new channel faster than any other market incubation and acceleration company. 

  • Our unrivalled experience of what makes the channel tick means we can create long-term channel programs that drive positive commercial and selling behaviour and deliver sustainable and scalable long-term success.

  • Our in-house product managers can work with you to train, package and market your products to gain maximum exposure within the partner’s portfolio and accelerate customer opportunities and pipeline.

  • Our in-house marketing and lead generation team can create end-user leads and help drive market awareness, motivating your new channel to engage and create further demand.

  • Our in-group channels technical services mean that with PowerIT you can immediately offer design, implementation and maintenance support services across a broad range of digital and IT solutions (Wi-Fi, Software Defined, Cyber Security, Analytics, AV, Video, Data Centre etc.) – and that gives your new channel partners the confidence to open their customers to your software, hardware or cloud offerings.  We are already trusted by some of the UK’s largest channel partners to deliver white label professional and support services – and that’s invaluable in today’s service focussed market.

Identifying IT Distribution Partners

Distribution still plays a critical role in the UK technology market, providing vendors with logistic and financial support to scale growth. Not all distribution companies were created equally, Broadline Distributors bring breadth of traded accounts and opportunities for ‘attach’ selling, Boutique distributors bring focus and unique skills that can be attractive for organisations just arriving in the UK or targeting specific niche channels.

One thing that is consistent is that all distribution partnerships require nurturing, strategic and tactical marketing initiatives vehicles to grow demand, educating and motivating the sales floors and it’s a constant battle to retain mind-share within the Distributors management team.

We currently work with, but not excusively, the following distribution partners:

VAR Partner Recruitment and Management

Today, more than ever, you need to start creating demand by building a community of motivated reseller partners profiled to delvier the biggest/quickest return on investment. In the first instance this is about working with your distribution partner to sign up the right resellers, with the right sort of customer demographic and skillset.

Then it’s all about support… targeted recruitment campaigns, partner programmes and accreditation, co-operative marketing collateral and plenty of “face to face” presence on the sales floor.



Sales Incentives & Partner Loyalty Programmes

Educating and motivating an indirect sales channel can often mean the difference between success and failure for technology brands in the UK. You won’t be surprised to learn it’s an area we take very seriously.

From incentive programmes that excite and go beyond simply rewarding a sale, through to education programmes that are fun and meaningful for channel partners, we believe we know what delivers genuine ROI.




Cost Effective